Featured Websites

Many of the listed websites contain interesting Recipe Pages, Educational Resource Pages, What’s in Season Charts, Newsletters, Flash, Video and Photo Galleries. Click on a few of the Websites and explore the world of California Certified Farmers Markets.

Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association: http://www.pcfma.com
Operate a very large number of Markets in the Northern California Bay Area, Cooking Demonstrations, Cooking Blog, Recipes, Market Blog, Produce Guides, Harvest Calendar, Education, Nutrition and Kids Activities.

Certified Farmers’ Markets of Sacramento: http://www.california-grown.com
Operates large number of markets in Sacramento County, Flash and Video pages, Recipes, Food Preserving, School Field Trips, Shopping Trips, Newsletter.

Davis Farmers Markets: http://www.davisfarmersmarket.org
Operates markets in Davis, Events, Recipes, Newsletter, Vendor/Product Search.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market: http://www.cuesa.org
Seasonal Eating Charts, Operates San Francisco Market, Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Charts, Sustainability Information, Events, Programs, Interactive Farm Map, Tours, Interactive Farmer Info Page, Seasonal Slide Show, Recipes, Restaurants serving Local Grown.

California Farmers' Markets Association: http://www.cafarmersmkts.com
Operates a number of Markets in the Bay Area, What's in Season Charts, Newsletter.

Marin Farmers Markets: http://www.marinfarmersmarkets.org
Operates several markets in Marin and other Counties, Flash Pages, Regional Ag Maps, Seasonal Produce Chart, Interactive Farm Map, Education Programs, Newsletter, Videos, Recipes, Restaurants serving Local Grown, Stories Page, Newsletter.

Monterey Bay Farmers Markets: http://www.montereybayfarmers.org
Operates markets in Monterey County, Newsletter, Recipes, Resources, Food Events.

Berkeley Farmers Markets: http://www.ecologycenter.org/bfm/
Operates Markets in Berkeley area, Newsletter, Events, Gift Certificates, Projects, Programs, Resources.

West Los Angeles Farmers Market: http://www.westlafarmersmarket.com
Educational Presentations, Newsletter, Sustainability Resources, Photo Gallery, Community Resource Page.

Woodland Farmers Markets: http://www.woodlandfarmersmarket.com
Video, Events, Recipes, Gallery, Newsletter.

Urban Village Farmers Markets: http://www.urbanvillageonline.com
Flash, Music, Photos, Art and Resources.

Harbor Area Farmers’ Markets: http://www.goodveg.org
Crop Calendar, Individual Market Pages, Recipe Search Page.

Pasadena Farmers Market: http://www.pasadenafarmersmarket.org
What’s in Season Chart, Market Information.

Contra Costa Certified Farmers’ Markets: http://www.cccfm.org
Season Chart, Recipes, Community Building, Bulletin Board, Resources, Newsletter.

San Rafael Downtown CFM: http://www.sanrafaelmarket.org
Market Information, Market Pictures.

Ventura County CFM: http://www.vccfarmersmarkets.com
Artful Graphics, Newsletter, Photo Gallery, Growing Methods Page.

San Luis Obispo CFMA: http://www.slocountyfarmers.org
About the Farmers Page, Faces of the Farmers Markets, Green Suggestions, Radio Show.

El Dorado County Farmers Markets: http://www.EldoradoFarmersMarket.com
Individual Market Pages.

Stockton Farmers’ Market: http://www.stocktonfarmersmarket.org
Market Information, Gift Certificates, Field Trips, Commodity List.

Felton Farmers Market: http://www.feltonfarmersmarket.org
Market Information.

Healdsburg CFM: http://www.healdsburgfarmersmarket.org
Newsletter, Growers Page, Events

Everyone’s Harvest CFM: http://www.everyonesharvest.org
Produce Buying Tips, Grower List, Market Information.

North Coast Growers Association: http://www.humfarm.org
Farmers Directory, Music Schedule, GMO Statement, Resource Links.

Venice Farmers Market: http://www.venicefarmersmarket.com
Photo Gallery, Market Information.